The Conscious Collective x Jimmy Fairly Ethical Eyewear



thical fashion has come a long way from its harem pants and cotton bucket-bag origins. From Helen Kirkham’s deconstructed “Frankenstein” sneakers, to Stella McCartney’s dreamy vegan handbag range, and the (newly-released) denim two-piece collection from Reformation, sustainable fashion has earned its place on the runway and on our high-streets.

Taking its place amongst the Chanel and Valentino shops of Paris’ 3rd and 4th arrondissements, Jimmy Fairly opened its first store in Marais back in 2012. An ethical designer eyewear brand, there are now 19 stores across France (8 of which are situated in Paris) and a growing demand for expansion overseas.



About the brand:

Much like the US’ Warby Parker, Jimmy Fairly operates a “Buy one, Give one” system. Recognising the global healthcare epidemic that leaves over 1 billion* visually impaired individuals without access to sight, Jimmy Fairly partners with numerous charitable organisations to donate one pair of glasses for each pair purchased online or in store. This seemingly simple gift grants others access to education, work, and lifestyle opportunities from which they would otherwise be ostracised. In keeping with its ethical endeavours, all Jimmy Fairly frames are designed in Paris and are (responsibly) handmade in Italy.


About the look:

With the ever-increasing demands of my degree, I find myself reaching for my glasses more and more frequently. Thankfully, these Jimmy Fairly’s have extended my wardrobe options when it comes to working the geek chic. The near-transparent frames have allowed for the introduction of lighter, blush colours (perfect for the upcoming spring), and inspired this masc/fem monochrome ensemble.

Glasses / Jimmy Fairly / Sold-out Helga Frame in Cristal Champagne.
Jacket / Depop.
DEFND CULTRE Patch / Afropunk.
Turtleneck / Sobeys Vintage Clothing.
Trousers / Sobeys Vintage Clothing.
(Vans / UO.)


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The Conscious Collective | Pangean Clothing Co.



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Series #1.
Pangean Clothing Co.

Location: California, USA.

Founded: 2015 by visual creators Yasha and Roxana.

Speciality: Sustainable street wear.

Vision: To "save the planet through resource-management".

Pangean Clothing Co.

I found this jacket somewhere in the depths of a street-style Pinterest board. Despite its very overt eco-message, I held my breath as I followed the link back to Pangean’s homepage. There’s no way this is going to sustainably made, I thought to myself. Even if, by some miracle, it was manufactured responsibly, I never considered the possibility that it could be vegan, too. In the midst of my mid-term meltdown, the good Lord sent me a miracle in the form of pinatex. Sweatshop-free, 100% vegan, and made-to-order right in the U.S of A, this is easily the coolest, greenest, most unique jacket I have ever owned.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the marvel that is Pinatex, the core component of this jacket is pineapples. That’s right, the skin of 16 pineapples made this soft, breathable, resistant jacket. No animals harmed (which means no walking around in the skin of another being like a caveperson), Pangean pride themselves on being 100% cruelty-free. On top of that, pinatex is a recycled material, meaning no extra land, water, or fertiliser went into its production. For more on why pinatex is the most sustainable vegan leather option, check out Emily’s (from Conservation Folks) post here:


Aside from this biker-inspired jacket, Pangean offers a full range conscious clothing. From chakra tees, to androgynous sweat-sets, and their (ever-relevant) “police the police” line, Pangean once again proves that fashion can (and must) have a socio-political agenda. With a dedication to owning a “100% solar-powered facility” in the coming years, Pangean truly is a “Save the Planet” type of enterprise.