OOTD: Dressing for Unseasonable Weather and Visiting Home (Thrift Edit)


I had imagined – what with it being mid-October – that I’d be well into my AW wardrobe by now. Apparently, my savouring summer lookbook worked a little too well, and I’m now longing for frosty mornings, layers, and an excuse to watch Elf. After a few misjudged outfits (sweaters in 20°-degree heat, boots in sandal-wearing weather) I’ve reverted to a transitional wardrobe, whilst the seasons play catch-up. This calls for long sleeves, versatile denim, and light, breathable fabrics.



Thrifted Pieces: Satin Wrap Blouse – Humana Barcelona / Vintage Diesel Jeans – Depop / Vintage Gold Case Watch – Yesterday’s Glam


I wore this outfit whilst visiting home and took advantage of the mildness by styling my satin wrap blouse as off-the-shoulder. Rolled-up sleeves not only kept me cool, but gave me an opportunity to show off my favourite vintage watch from Yesterday’s Glam. Whilst this uncharacteristically dry October may be yet another testimony to global warming’s very real, very imminent threat, these thrifted, eco-conscious pieces made me feel less guilty about savouring the unseasonable warmth.

Photography by @merlenephotography.

November Meets May is on Bloglovin’!: @novembermeetsmay.




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Grace is a 21-year-old content creator and editor, living (much to her dismay) in South West England. Her journey to an ethical lifestyle began in 2015 when she first discovered veganism and, since then, she has transitioned to sweatshop-free (or “slow”) fashion, cruelty-free beauty, and intersectional social activism. Despite her initial reservations, Grace’s affection for fashion and beauty has heightened since this lifestyle revision; developing the distinct, personal style that you see today.

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