Savouring Summer: A Slow Fashion Lookbook to Slow Down the Seasons

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Photo Credit: Tyrice Hester

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It’s almost a year to the day since the creation of my Depop page. A year ago, I scoured the depths of my wardrobe, hunting for 2012’s forgotten trends and the remnants of my brief (but intense) hipster phase. The objective was simple: scrounge together enough money so I wouldn’t have to survive my first year of university on toast sandwiches and makeshift toilet paper (napkins, newspaper, old receipts – I get it, there’s no judgement here). Although successful in my endeavour, this is no longer what comes to mind when I think of that red logo and inviting “hello, we’re open” slogan. In many ways, my ethical, slow fashion journey began with the establishment of @prettythrifty. Although the awareness predated the account, it was the accessibility to hundreds of thousands of pre-loved, vintage, and fairtrade items that really got the ball rolling. Since then, the closet clutter of others has become central to my street style, work wear, and evening outfits.

This summer has been all about statement colours, exposed shoulders, political tees, and versatile jeans; all of which I was able to find on Depop, second-hand as to not contribute to the fast fashion industry, and at a fraction of the price I would otherwise pay. Some of my Depop discoveries have gone international with me: appearing in Vogue, GQ, The Fader, Cassius, and The Daily Beast, at the 2017 edition of Afropunk, Brooklyn. With such an exciting and revolutionary season of style, I bring you this slow fashion lookbook, to savour these final summer days.



Moulin Rouge

Depop Purchases: Topshop High Neck Sleeveless Top / Block Patchwork Skirt

My style inspiration for this year’s Brooklyn, NY edition of Afropunk was predominantly afro-funk. I love funk’s 60-80s origins: from the discoid afros, bright, block colours, and too-tight trousers. Since the festival is a celebration of culture, I paired my thrifted 70s inspired skirt and red high neck top with a red beret, to honour my affection for Paris, and salute black individualism.

Photo credit: Mika Altskan and Matvey Fiks for Vogue, Mambu Bayoh for GQ, and Erik Carter for Cassius.


(N)ice Cream

Depop Purchases: Off-the-Shoulder Bell Sleeved Top / Levi’s Jeans

This look reminds me of raspberry ripple ice cream (or nice cream, for my fellow vegans). The off-the-shoulder top, purchased on Depop, has encouraged me to experiment with the colour cream; a softer, more delicate alternative to similar tops I own in white. The red and black detailing is subtle but signature, widening accessory options: I’d love to match this look with a pair of this season’s pom-pom earrings in red.


The Ringleader

Depop Purchases: Pastel “Ringleader” Top / Levi’s Jeans

These jeans (as seen in “(N)ice Cream”) have become my Summer 2017 holy grail. Since I live in the UK and “summer” here is synonymous with dark skies and umbrellas, there’s been ample opportunities to sport these beautiful medium-blue Levi’s. Vintage, pre-owned, and in pristine condition, these jeans are sure to make many more appearances on November Meets May! The pastel slogan tee, also thrifted, makes for a cute and playful street style, and complements my patent pink converse perfectly.


Summer Distress

Depop Purchases: Topshop Black Distressed Mini-Skirt / Office Sandals

Whatever the season, I am never without a pair of Birkenstock-style sandals. Whilst the newly released Vegan Micro-Fibre Arizona design remains many miles outside of my price rage, I snagged these beautiful Birkenstock replica shoes by Office on Depop for just £10.00! Possibly the most versatile sandal in my closet, I’ve been pairing these with summer staples such as a thrifted, distressed mini-skirt from Topshop, low-rise cut-offs and, of course, my mid-rise Levi’s.



Depop Purchases: “Raise Girls & Boys the Same Way” Graphic Tee / Levi’s Jeans / Nike Air Force 1s

As far as I’m concerned, the only casual style better than a graphic tee, is a political graphic tee. This “Raise Girls and Boys the Same Way” top is another Depop treasure and, although I’ve seen the slogan on various Pinterest boards and in Etsy boutiques, I’m yet to find a design quite so unique and (forgive my choice of words, but it is 80s inspired, after-all) funky. This feminist tee not only challenges partisan social norms, but disrupts gender binaries entirely. Who says fashion can’t have a political ambition? Alongside my recurring Levi’s Jeans, I love to pair this top with my thrifted Nike Air Force 1s; the only pair of trainers, besides Converse and Old Skool Vans, in my wardrobe.


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Not sponsored. All featured items were purchased by myself.


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Grace is a 21-year-old content creator and editor, living (much to her dismay) in South West England. Her journey to an ethical lifestyle began in 2015 when she first discovered veganism and, since then, she has transitioned to sweatshop-free (or “slow”) fashion, cruelty-free beauty, and intersectional social activism. Despite her initial reservations, Grace’s affection for fashion and beauty has heightened since this lifestyle revision; developing the distinct, personal style that you see today.

3 thoughts on “Savouring Summer: A Slow Fashion Lookbook to Slow Down the Seasons”

  1. We love how your lifestyle is a reflection of your conscious change in all aspects of your daily routine! Too many people are contributing to the fast-fashion industry and its detriment to unacceptable workers conditions, as well as direct environmental impacts. We need to be aware of our personal, ethical involvement, but we don’t have to compromise flourishing our personal style! Recycling old, pre-loved pieces is a great way to update your wardrobe without unnecessary wastage. Depop is an awesome platform to find unique fashion pieces, but are there any specific outlets or online shops you love? MS x


    1. Absolutely love your passion and platform! Reformation is a personal fav of mine, but I’m still very much exploring new outlets. Yesterday I purchased my first pair of ethical earrings from a beautiful shop local to me called Sancho’s Dress x

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